[Mailman-Users] Web Interface Password buttons don't work

John W. Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Mon Feb 23 07:39:24 CET 2004

On 2/22/2004 13:58, "Randy Kelsoe" <randykel at swbell.net> wrote:

> I have installed mailman-2.1.2-2 on Fedora Core 1. If I go to the web
> interface and log in as a user, The "Email my password to me" and the
> "Change My Password" buttons do not do anything.
> Also, I had this list running with RedHat 8.0, and had selected the
> option to email each user a password reminder each month. This never
> worked (no email reminders were sent).

Did you create the mailman list properly?


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