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Khoi Truong aktruong at uni-select.com
Mon Feb 23 16:20:54 CET 2004


I'm Khoi Truong, MIS coop-student at Uni-Select inc.

We would to like to have information concerning your sofware Mailman
compatibility with IBM AIX 5.2.

Our Project:
We are currently planning to migrate AIX 4.3.3 ML.11 to AIX 5.2 based on
RS/6000 machine. We are planning a migration path for all our softwares.

*** Question ***

So, we were wandering if  Mailman currently install on AIX 4.3.3 will work
as well on AIX 5.2 ?
If not, what can we do to arrange this matter ?
If we have to update our version, do you have some documentation about the
installation so we can analyse the ressource required by this upgrade ?

Our Company:
Uni-Select is an aftermarket automobile parts distributor and has become the
leading network of independently owned auto parts dealers in Canada and is
progressing in the United States with more than 1200 members.
Feel free to visit our web-site at www.uni-select.com

Thanks in advance,

Sincerely yours,


Khoi Truong
MIS coop-student
Nobel:      (450) 449-7300 poste 5907
aktruong at uni-select.com
Uni-Select inc.

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