[Mailman-Users] Messages to hotmail are dropped

nick.vdkloor at for-nation.com nick.vdkloor at for-nation.com
Tue Feb 24 10:32:10 CET 2004

Dear Mailman users,

our company is using Mailman 2.1.4. Our database has got a total of 2000
members. About 60% of them are hotmailaddresses. After sending our last
mail I noticed that almost none of the hotmailusers received a mailing. I
noticed that because I created a couple of hotmail test account. When I
tried to send a mailing with our testmailinglist which consist of only 2
hotmailaddresses (the same that are in our main mailinglist) they do
receive the mailing.

I assume that the Hotmail spooler discards mails when they are sent in
large groups, I don't know the exact numbers. Is there a way to bypass it?
Cause our  mailings are not spam, every member did subscribe to our list.
Is there maybe a setting to configure which can set a delay between
sending a couple of mails?

I hope you guys can help me out on this one.

Thanx in advance,

Nick van der Kloor
Foundation of Recreation

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