[Mailman-Users] AOL users not getting daily nomail notifications...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Wed Feb 25 17:37:53 CET 2004

Jon Carnes (jonc at nc.rr.com) said something that sounded like:
> > - My AOL list owners get removed from their own lists.
> > - My AOL list members who go to nomail get removed from the list and
> >   never get the daily notifications.
> > - In both cases above, the AOL user gets the notification they were
> >   removed, but not the other warnings.
> The notification are sent as one-shot emails directly to the email
> address.  Since that is getting through, you might want to turn on
> Personalization (also known as VERP).  See if that works in getting the
> messages to all your mailing list users.

All three of the above issues are one-shot emails unless I misunderstand
something in Mailman.

- List owners get removed either for AOL's policy changes or due to the
  "regular" notifications out of Mailman such as sub/unsub notifications.
- Nomail notifications are one off messages mailed out at 9am every morning.
- Removal notification messages to a user are a one off.

This *looks* that VERP won't help me. It's only issues like the hotmail
policy that VERP would dramatically help with.


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