[Mailman-Users] [Repost] Internal vs. external mail addresses

Paul Smith pausmith at nortelnetworks.com
Fri Feb 27 18:41:09 CET 2004

%% Brad Knowles <brad.knowles at skynet.be> writes:

  bk> At 10:02 AM -0500 2004/02/27, Paul Smith wrote:

  >> I'm wondering if there's any capability in Mailman to have it
  >> understand that two different mail domains are really equivalent,
  >> so that psmith at foobar.com is the same as psmith at lists.foo.bar.com
  >> (for example)?

  bk> Not without hacking the source code, at least so far as I know.

Hm.  What about something that sits between the MDA and Mailman and
makes this translation?  Does that seem feasible?  Would this require
changing the alias for each list, for example, or is there another way
to do this from within the MTA?  I'm using postfix.

I'm willing to require that all addresses that Mailman sees be the
"external" address (@foobar.com), and the internal addresses can all be
easily mapped to that external address by stripping off the internal
domain and adding the external domain.  The reverse is not true because
there are multiple Exchange servers with different addresses.

  >> Anyone else have any ideas (not including changing the way our
  >> email or Exchange servers work... believe me I'd love to do that
  >> but...)?

  bk> IMO, the solution is to fix the problem where it is created.

As I said, that would be good but is utterly out of the question.  The
people in charge of all the mail infrastructure will never do that.

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