[Mailman-Users] Re: mm_stats question

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Fri Feb 27 23:30:12 CET 2004

On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 15:25, Al Black wrote:
> Hey John,
> At 01:08 PM 2/27/2004 -0500, Jon Carnes wrote:
> >I just double checked and it works fine on all my sites...
> >Do you have any lists with "=" in the name?
> >
> >If that doesn't do it for you, then drop a copy of your post log and the
> >name of the list with the problems and I'll see what needs to be
> >modified.
> Nope didn't do the trick.  None of the lists have an "=" in them but all 
> but two have "-"
> lls
> test
> lls-business
> lls-ts
> lls-12step-men
> lls-12step-women
> I've attached the post logs, although there's not much in it because I 
> rotated them a while ago.  If its better I can un pack one, and send it 
> along.  The bug still happens though, even with the limited set.
> Thanks.
> al 

Sorry, Al

Your sample worked just fine - no errors. I checked it against all your
list names.  Check your script for typos.

You can also run each part of the script and see what results you get:

  grep -i "post to lls" post
    # this will show you all the attempted posts to list lls

  grep -i "post to lls" post |grep success
    # this will show you all successful posts to the list lls

  grep -i "post to lls" post |grep success |cut -f2 -d=
    # this will remove all info on the left side of the message size
    # the output will like like this:
     1549, message-id
     1388, message-id
     2461, message-id
     3733, message-id
     1949, message-id
     2310, message-id
     3337, message-id
     1622, message-id
     1370, message-id

  grep -i "post to lls" post |grep success |cut -f2 -d= |cut -f1 -d,
    # this drops the info to the right of the message size
    # the message size is now isolated on each line:

It worked just fine here. Good luck again

Jon Carnes

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