[Mailman-Users] Common list names on different virtual domains

p dont think pdontthink at angrynerds.com
Fri Feb 27 23:33:13 CET 2004


  Yes, this has been asked and answered a hundred times here, as I see in
the archives.  Please bear with me...

  I am moving away from Majordomo2, and I am having a hard time accepting
that having identically named lists on different virtual domains
requires such hacked solutions to an otherwise wonderfully mature tool. 
(I'll also miss the concept of user aliases in MJ2, which allowed users
to post from more than one email address whilst having only one list
subscription.  Pointers on this are always very welcome.)

  My favorite thread is here:


  That thread is two years old, and, as far as I can see, those are still
the only two solutions:

    Append the domain name to the list name and work magic with your MTA's
aliases (I like this, but I really *do not* want Mailman to send out
links to the list with the domain name on it, as Will was asking about
in that thread)

    Run multiple installations of Mailman (talk about overkill... or has
someone figured out how to symlink most of it and just separate out
the data?)

  Are there any patches or how-to's out there that address this that I may
have missed?  Yes, I've read the FAQ, and its answer is along the lines
of the above and just won't cut it for me.  With the number of people
clammoring for this functionality, I'm surprised that there aren't some
3rd party solutions/hacks for it and/or that Mailman hasn't been changed
to address this.

  Don't get me wrong - as an OS developer myself, I understand the
commitment needed to work on these things.  My intent isn't as much to
whine, but to see if there's some good stuff out there I may have



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