[Mailman-Users] mailer error 1

David Herron davidh at 7gen.com
Thu Jan 1 21:48:30 CET 2004

Thanks to Jon Carnes I got on the right track.  I wanted to send it back
to the list for the public record.

It was an smrsh problem as he suggested.  Turns out there's an old version
of mailman already installed on the system, and the symlink pointed to
that old version.

Further steps I had to take was:

a) Change the aliases entries to be

	|mailman command list-name

   rather than the full path to the mailman command

b) Then rerun ./configure with --with-mail-gid=mail

The latter because then I *finally* got the expected incorrect group error
that then told me which group ID to run under.

Maybe I'll switch to exim... I despise sendmail anyway.


- David Herron

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