[Mailman-Users] AOL format frustration

Steve Roitstein steve at riotmusic.com
Sun Jan 4 18:55:49 CET 2004

Hi List,

I'm new and fairly ignorant about mailman, so please excuse me...

I have a list where all it is set up to do is send out a weekly 
newsletter of sorts. No discussion takes place.  We use mailman 2.1.2.

I write the messages in the mail program the comes with my mac. I 
sometimes send out a small jpg attachment but mostly it's text with a 
bit of color added to a few words.

Subscribers who are on AOL get the message in a different text, no line 
breaks, no returns, nothing. Just all text in a huge paragraph, no 
formatting. Needless to say, these messages are very hard to read and 

Any suggestions as to what we can do?



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