[Mailman-Users] Results of your email commands

Zaw Min friendly_43210 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 17:43:33 CET 2004

I was searching on archive and found this post...wondering if any one tried this before ? or can give me some direction to how to disable "results of your email commands email"
> On Sat, Jun 01, 2002 at 12:36:43PM -0400, totschnig.michael at uqam.ca wro=
>> - Can I suppress the "Results of your email commands" email for this
>> list or alternatively for the whole site?


> Yes to both, but not without hacking the code

thank you for your answer. I tried to understand where the Results
message is generated. My guess is that I had to uncomment the line

in CommandRunner.py, but I am afraid to break something. Our system is
in use for some groups, so I'd rather ask before doing any changes
that might affect the functionality.

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