[Mailman-Users] 4 things: conjugation with usenet, archivisation by arriving date, statistics, and link to the archives i

Andrzej Kasperowicz andyk at spunge.org
Mon Jan 12 17:52:22 CET 2004

> 	No.  The latest version of the mailman will only allow mailing 
> list members to post through to the newsgroup.  Newsgroup postings 
> will be allowed through without restriction.  Have your admin install 
> version 2.1.4.

He is using version 2.2a0 as you can see on the page 

> 	The messages are archived in the order in which they are 
> received.  The dates shown are those as present in the original 
> message.  If the date on the sender's machine is out-of-whack, then 
> that's what is displayed.  This could not be reasonably corrected by 
> the receiving system, because there would be no way to know what the 
> correct date would be -- how long was the message delayed?  What time 
> zone was it sent from?  There would be too many questions to answer, 
> for which there are no answers.

Well, apparently some archivizers somehow overcome these problems, as 
they have such a feature. Even if it's not a priority task to do, it 
should be IMHO put into the queue...

> >  I also would wish to see in mailman statistics of posts sent by users,
> >  i.e. how many post were sent from each e-mail address. There is such a
> >  feature in ver. 6.0d of ListProcessor by Anastasios Kotsikonas. It would
> >  be nice to have it in Mailman, too.
> 	That sounds like it would be a nice addition.

I hope some develpers will put it into the todo queue.

> >  I think that there should be present a link to the main archive web page
> >  in every archivised message seen in archive, because at the moment there
> >  is only link to the subscribtion page (information page), and possibility
> >  to sort messages differently, but if I read it sorted by thread for
> >  example, I cannot go back to the begining of the thread or to the main
> >  archive web page by clicking on a link - there is no such a link,
> >  unfortunatelly.
> 	If you are unable to help implement this functionality in some 
> way, the best that can be hoped for is that this feature request will 
> be put in the queue, and someday someone might be able to do it.

I hope it will be...


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