[Mailman-Users] 4 things: conjugation with usenet, archivisation by arriving date, statistics, and link to the archives i

Andrzej Kasperowicz andyk at spunge.org
Wed Jan 14 01:02:49 CET 2004

> Hello: I have followed Mailman for a year+ and have yet to reach a point
> to replace my combo of majordomo and Mhonarc. Finally, a week ago I
> installed the latest version of MM and was quite surprised with how
> smoothly it went. I thought, NOW is the time to switch over -- that is,
> until I saw the flaw now being discussed about the bad dates in the
> archives as shown by MM's own archives.

I think that at least there should be introduced possibility to edit 
archives by list-owners. They can't do it now, if they are not admins... 


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