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Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Thu Jan 22 15:08:38 CET 2004

At 8:32 PM -0800 2004/01/21, gagel at cnc.bc.ca wrote:

>  What is wrong with the mailman authors making their product superior
>  enough to compensate for Microdummies poor programing and faulty RFC
>  interpretation?

	Mailman is a volunteer project.  Volunteers will work on the 
sorts of things that they find personally interesting.  If you want 
to find money to pay for the kinds of changes you want to have made, 
you are free to do that.

	Otherwise, when it comes to things like violations of the RFCs 
and violations of the common usage across the entire rest of the 
Internet, you may well be left waiting a very long time.

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