[Mailman-Users] Problem With Mailman and OS X

Michael Curtis bazmail at curtis2310.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 23 11:24:47 CET 2004

	Hi Richard,

	I had the same problem. I had to re-install the server, but 
at the time I had a blank server so I wasn't bothered.

	Once I had a server working I still had problems and so had 
to fault find a bit. I did the following.

	The permission check (Apples) is showing lots of corrections. 
I had to stop the service, reboot, run the permissions checks over 
and over until their were no more errors, about 3 times. Reboot, 
started the service and it was fine.

	You can do a mass delete and mass subscribe from the member 
management section.

	The problem I have is that the actually mail list stops. I 
have posted another email regarding this. I was wondering if 2.1.4 
would be any better and how easy it is to install on os x?

	Hope this helps.



>I have a problem with my mailing lists on my OS X server.
>All of a sudden all the lists have disappeard from the Server Admin
>interface. All the lists are still accessible through the web interface.
>I can send mail to the lists so they are working as they should. The problem
>is that I once a month need to remove all members from the lists and import
>new names from a file. I haven't found an easy way to to that with the web
>interface so I need the Server Admin to be working!
>Any suggestions?
>I'm running OSX 10.3.2
>Mailman 2.1.2
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