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1 For number one, you can set up an automatic mailto on the submit button
using a mailto: or with java to do it without interaction from user.
Remember that the mailman allows you to administer via mail.

2 Again, as for 1, you can do this using a mail command.

3 Bounced messages or invalid addresses can be set up so that they don't get
into your list in the first place, or you can make users login to your
mailing list.

The rest was answered by Brad.


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At 9:32 AM -0600 2004/01/23, Homestead Harvest wrote:

>  These are the features which we will need:
>    1.. When a visitor enters their email address in our newsletter box,
>  that address is sent to our list and automatically entered.

	Newsletter box?  How is that different from the mailing list?

>    2.. When a visitor unsubscribes, that address is automatically deleted.

	No problem.

>    3.. Bounced or invalid addresses are automatically removed.

	No problem.

>  Is there a limit of how many KB an email can be?

	Only if you want to configure a specific limit, or you're routing 
your mail through a provider which places a specific limit on their 

>  We have about 7 lists which will each send out an email once a month.
>  The total number of subscribers is currently 1500.  We anticipate
>  getting up to 10,000 in the next few months.  We looked at one of our
>  emails and it was 48 KB, will that be a problem?

	There are plenty of Mailman list servers out there that have many 
more subscribers, and handle much larger messages on a daily basis.

	So far as the criteria you've specified, I think Mailman can 
handle everything you need and more.  However, you'll need to try out 
the software to see if there are any things you need which you did 
not mention, and which Mailman y be unable to help you with.

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