[Mailman-Users] problems using mailman

vacations at bigdreamstravel.com vacations at bigdreamstravel.com
Mon Jan 26 01:32:05 CET 2004


I have a site with shared hosting through pronic solutions which usees Mailman as the mailing list including in my hosting package.

I have tried to set up my mailing list, but have had no success sending a posting.  I sent it to the list name dreamdeals at bigdreamstravelcom, but the mail was returned rejected.  I made sure then to send it from the recognized list owners email address and nothing happened at all.  I did not receive a rejected message, but the posting was not sent to the list, and I don't see anything in pending tasks.

Secondly,  I don't want list members to have to have a password to subscribe on unsubcribe, according to your website this is not required in version 2.1.  Pronic is using 2.1.2 and I don't see how to turn this requirement off.

I appreciate your assistance in getting my enewsletter mailing list up and running.

Thank you
Kimya Morris

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