[Mailman-Users] my mailinglist

nabulsi website noura at scs-net.org
Mon Jan 12 20:57:13 CET 2004

My name is Noora and I have a domain that is nabulsi1.com the company I am using its server is sitelutions.com which use mailman for its mailinglist.
I have a question since I am new to the mailing lists thing.
I created my mailing list and I am the owner of it. it is informative I want to send info through it to my members.
What I don't understand and please don't refer me to any page to read because I did but I didn't find the answer to my question, my question is that how can I send my post to my members in a way that the Email sender shows the mailing list Email which is: nabulsimailinglist at nabulsi1.com.
Because when I send my post I send it to that Email but when members recieve it the Email of the sender showes my private Email which is noura at scs-net.org not the mailing list Email.
So how can I send my posts in a way that shows the sender as the mailing list Email address.
Thank you

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