[Mailman-Users] E-mail headers

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Tue Jan 27 16:12:54 CET 2004

"Hannes Calitz" schrieb:

> Just wanted to know if there is any way of removing the
> *mailman-users-bounces+hannes=interexcel.co.za at python.org; on behalf*

Not quite. You could surely use another mailreader, that doesn't show
From: and Sender: in this rather ... special way.

This topic was discussed less than one week ago here on this list,
beginning with <200401211227.i0LCRlc14287 at unique-vps.datagate.net.uk>
with a subject of "[Mailman-Users] From field displayed by MS
Outlook". You may want to have a look at the archives.


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