[Mailman-Users] Using LDAP for list of recipients

Chris Barnes chris-barnes at tamu.edu
Thu Jan 29 17:53:00 CET 2004

I am considering using a real MLM to manage the mailling lists we use
within our department.   However, one of the requirement for this is
that the product must be able to get is subscriber list from our LDAP
(OpenLDAP 3) information store.

For example, in LDAP there is an attribute for each user that tells us
whether they are "faculty", "staff", "grad", or "undergrad"  (there are
others, but this works for the example).

I need a MLM that can make an LDAP query and get all of the "faculty",
then send the message out.  It needs to do this for EVERY message for
that list.

Can MailMan do this?
If not, is there a MLM that can?


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