[Mailman-Users] "Mass Subscribe" Question

james.west at mchsi.com james.west at mchsi.com
Sat Jul 10 15:36:27 CEST 2004

I am trying to transfer our Homeowners Association's mailing list, currently 
running on Eudora, to Mailman running on our Web host's server. 200+ members 
at present.

I have checked the FAQs, but have not found an answer to the following 
questions... also "http://listowners.org/" is not responding.

Q) Is it possible to "mass subscribe" members with their e-mail addresses 
*AND* their names - by up loading a file with the addresses and names. IF SO, 
what is the required format of that file?

Q) Is it possible to display the list members' names along side thier e-mail 
addresses on the subscribers list available to members? It would be nice to 
have the list sorted in "name" alphabetical order.


Jim West

James H West, Chair
Computer Services Committee
Carriage Park Homeowners Association
212 Black Oak Ln
Hendersonville NC 28791-1201

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