[Mailman-Users] Moderators Managing Subscriptions

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Thu Jul 15 07:58:18 CEST 2004

Mike Cullum schrieb:

> I have seen in several places that moderators may, "... manage list
> subscriptions and postings."  I have been successful in getting a moderator
> account to deal with postings, but can't seem to get them to manage
> subscriptions.  Do they have access to the "Membership Management" portion
> of the administrative area?

Moderators can approve or deny subscription attempts, if your list is
set to require (confirmation and) approval.

Only administrators can add or delete members (from the web interface)
as only they have access to the administrative area (which is only
possible for every portion or for none - i.e. you cannot enable
someone to have access just to the "Membership Management" part of the


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