[Mailman-Users] Problems with virus spoofing to customer lists

Speedy Gonzalis SpeedyGonzalis at softhome.net
Thu Jul 22 01:31:39 CEST 2004

At 02:23 PM 7/21/2004, Alexander Storman wrote:
>Hi All,
>We are having issues with email being spoofed from M$ viruses that have
>managed to get most of our company email addresses.
>Viruses are getting through since they are spoofed as addresses that have
>unmoderated approval to send to the list.
>We are looking for a way to password protect sending of messages in Mailman.
>Is there a way to setup a password inside the email body for outgoing

In a word, yes.

Moderate everyone.

When you send a message to the list make

Approved: your_admin_or_moderator_password

the first line at the top of your message.  Better still, put that line in your headers if you can.  

A couple of blank lines should follow, then the body of your message.

Mailman will remove the Approved line before sending out the message.

A word of caution..  You might test this on a list where exposing your password will not be a problem.  It is my understanding that this tactic may not work with some mail clients and even though the message should be held if it doesn't work, it's just better to be on the safe side.


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