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Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Fri Jul 23 18:42:30 CEST 2004

At 9:49 AM -0400 2004-07-23, Spencer Yost wrote:

>                         The FAQs do not answer the second part of my
>  question though.  That is the problem where messages clearly destined for
>  another mailing list end up in mailman.   Interestingly, this only happens
>  a maybe a dozen times since yesterday afternoon and it doesn't happen to
>  all messages.  Headers of a example message in my mailman list moderator
>  request page follow my signature.   As you can tell from the headers, the
>  message clearly was addressed to at at lists.antique-tractor.com but ended up
>  on the mailman at lists.antique-tractor.com moderator page as well.

	Is this copy of the message as pulled from the moderator page for 
mailman at lists.antique-tractor.com, or from 
at at lists.antique-tractor.com?

	If this is from the moderator page for 
mailman at lists.antique-tractor.com, I can't explain what happened. 
The message was clearly addressed to a different list, received by 
heavyiron.atis.net, but then somehow delivered to the wrong recipient 
address.  I would check your aliases, any virtual domain settings, 
etc... within your MTA.

>                                                                     I left
>  the message on the moderation page so if someone wants to verify or look at
>  something, I can change the admin password for the list admin page and let
>  them in for a few minutes.

	I'd be curious to see exactly what is currently there.

>                                    One other clue:   This started about the
>  same time new MX records for my site probably propagated to the rest of the
>  Internet.  These new MX records that I created started pointing all
>  incoming mail to mail-abuse-org servers (I am using their new Lanai
>  service).

	Lanai service?  I've been a stop.mail-abuse.org user since the 
service was created, and I've not heard of this one.  I'll have to 
check their website.

>             I am leaning to it being a coincidence though because I don't
>  think the timing was quite right but of course I can't know exactly how
>  propagation occurred and the first few messages on the mailman page I just
>  deleted before I started realizing what was happening.  Therefore I don't
>  have the "Received:" trail" on those critical first few messages anymore.
>  Plus I just don't see how routing my mail through a SPAM service could
>  possibly make a difference nor could I see this being the culprit if it
>  only happens to a few messages.

	Unfortunately, those first few messages might have contained an 
important clue.  Or not.  But there's no way to find out.

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