[Mailman-Users] how to stop lists.domain.com becoming domain.com

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Jul 24 19:09:53 CEST 2004

Obantec Support wrote:
>I think it is how some mailing lists are not 100% used the way i understand
>them to be used.
>You hit reply all and yes OE sets up my address;list address (not CC) but
>this means i get 2 emails!

Not necessarily - see below.

>if you hit reply and substitute my address for list address then i would
>only get 1 email (my subscribed email).
>Some users send with the From: set to the list name to avoid this. ( i see
>quite a few double emails).

If you don't want these duplicates, go to your subscription options
page, scroll down to near the bottom and set "Avoid duplicate copies
of messages?" to "Yes" and Submit, or go to the list
administration->Membership Management...->Membership List and check
the "nodupes" option. You can make this the default for new
subscribers by checking the "Filter out duplicate ..." box in
new_member_options on the General Options page.

>I still believe that the first email to a list should when it arrives at the
>users inbox only show From: sender at domainX.com and To:
>listname at lists.domainY.com

I see from your reply to my followup post that the lists "personalized
delivery" option seems to be the reason why this isn't happening. I
guess when personalized delivery is selected, Mailman puts the list
address in a Cc: so you can still reply-all and include the list.

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