[Mailman-Users] Instructions: Upgrading Mailman On Mac OS X Server 10.3

Richard Plotkin richard at richardplotkin.com
Thu Jul 29 22:45:38 CEST 2004


After a ridiculous amount of struggle, I've successfully upgraded 
Mailman on Mac OS X 10.3 Server where it will work with Apple's Server 
Admin application and also by the web interface.  There may be a better 
way, but here's what I did, which at the very least shows the essential 
files (two of them apple-specific, which is why it's been a pain to 
upgrade from source).

1) Backup your current Mailman folders in case you screw this up.  
Mailman is split between two locations:

2) Copy apple_config_list and get_list_info from /usr/share/mailman/bin 
I tarred these files and put them on my desktop with
tar -cvf ~/Desktop/binfiles.tar  apple_config_list get_list_info

3) Rename your current /usr/share/mailman directory

3) Download Mailman source.

4) Configure mailman with the following command (modify this to fit 
your server).  It assumes that gid 78 is mailman and gid 70 is www.
	./configure --prefix=/usr/share/mailman --with-var-prefix 
--with-mail-gid=78 --with-cgi-gid=70 --with-mailhost={your server's 
name} --with-urlhost={your server's name}

5) Run sudo make install.

6) Extract the files you copied in (2) into /usr/share/mailman/bin I 
copied the tar into bin, and the extracted:
cd /usr/share/mailman/bin
sudo cp ~/Desktop/binfiles.tar .
sudo tar -xvf binfiles.tar
sudo rm binfiles.tar

7) Change configuration parameters in your new installation:
Add MTA = 'Postfix' to the end of /usr/share/mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py
(or just replace it with the old mm_cfg.py)
Change VAR_PREFIX from '/var/mailman' to '/private/var/mailman' in 
(this shouldn't actually matter)

8) Open Disk First Aid. Repair permissions.  You should be good to go!

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