[Mailman-Users] Migration to a new server - issues

Josh Harding jharding at brave.cs.uml.edu
Mon Jun 28 18:26:44 CEST 2004


I recently migrated mailman from our catch-all server to a dedicated
listserv server. The process I used was as follows:
1.) Create lists on new server based on list_lists on old server
1.) Stop mail on old server (Postfix stop) and new server
2.) Insert temporary redirect away from web interface on old server
3.) Rsync /var/lib/mailman/lists and /var/lib/mailman/archives from old
	server to new server
4.) Change DNS and setup forwards from the old server for people slow to
	update their DNS
5.) Bring everything back up

This seemed to go well, and list activity continued as normal on the new
server, until 9 am the next day, when mailman's bounce processing disabled
about 200 list members from various list,, and deleted 100 or so more. It
did not continue this pattern the following day. I have intact membership
lists I can drop in, but don't know why it happened, and so am hesitant to
move blindly forward. The membership list was up to date, as we were using
fairly stringent bounce processing on the old server.

Any ideas on why that would occur? Was my migration process flawed?
Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Joshua Harding
Community Software Lab

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