[Mailman-Users] Cannot Find/Receive Bounce Messages

Lloyd F. Tennison lloyd_tennison at whoever.com
Mon Mar 1 02:03:13 CET 2004

I am trying to review the bounce messages - as with the new 
SPAM blockers if you are not on the person's "approved" list 
you email may not go through. I cannot seem to get the 
bounce message that Mailman cannot process - with or 
without Mailman bounce processing on. I have tried setting to 
send the messages to the list owner, and have set the posting 
by non-members to be held and forwarded. I get one or two 
messages sent to the list admin, but when I turn off processing 
and purposely send to a non-existent address - I receive 
nothing back in either the master account for the domain, the 
list admin account or the posters account. 
I do have mailman set to use an explicit reply to address and 
that address does not receive the daemon messages either.
What am I doing wrong? 

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