[Mailman-Users] Templates and HyperArch.py - HyperArch.pyc

Burak Tombuloglu burak at burak.org
Mon Mar 1 05:34:30 CET 2004

I tried modifying the templates for archives with messages
(archidxxxx.html files) to add a custom header and footer, but this
doesn't work - the list field names are not replaced and I get output
like %ArchiveName%.  I tried to modify the HyperArch.py file to add the
header/footer, but the html pages displayed looked no different (it
still only used the default archidxxxx.html files).

I saw a post that said that I need to shut down the mailman, remove the
.pyc files and restart. I did this, but HyperArch.pyc was not recreated.
Furthermore, now, none of the emails I sent to the list are displayed (I
constantly get an emptyarchive page) although I have received the

Can somebody help me out?



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