[Mailman-Users] Split Digests and equal line wraps

Anthony Carter karem_lore at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 2 10:54:25 CET 2004


If this is a double post I am sorry, but I can't find my message on the list so I sent it again.

My digests are coming in about 4 attachments including a header, a footer, a message and another text message. Is there a way to combine these so that they are all one message rather than split?

Secondly, I am getting '=' signes at the end of lines instead of carriage returns. The parsing seems to be really bad...For example:

Because it's the favored payment system of its owner, online auctioneer=

eBay Inc. =

(EBAY), PayPal also starts with more business on the continent than much sm=

aller =

rivals like mobile phone-based payment providers paybox in Germany and Mobi=

pay of =

Spain. =

Is there a way i can prevent this?


Anthony Carter

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