[Mailman-Users] Question regarding certain list properties

Scott R. Godin nospam at webdragon.net
Wed Mar 3 07:10:10 CET 2004

I have a client whom I am doing a website for. The hosting provider has no
list management software installed (they run FreeBSD), but has given me the
tentative OK to suggest a package if I can find one that suits my needs,
and which they will install. 

First question is, If necessary, can it be installed and run solely from my
client's $HOME if necessary, thus making the entire list package only
available to my website client? If not, one presumes that vhosting clients
can be enabled on an as-needed basis by the hosting provider.

Secondly, my clients particular needs are small, but his wants are many:

   o he wants to be able to post messages that every subscribed user
receives (non-digested) immediately. (basically sales promotional, and new
product announcements. that's it.) probably between one and five per month.
   o no subscribed users will be allowed to post back to the _list_, only to
the reply address (which will be my client's sales at his.site.com address,
more or less). any attempts by a subscriber to post to the list will be
sent to the list owner's address instead and will NOT be seen by the other
members of the list.
   o no subscriber on the list will see another subscriber's e-mail address
in any mail received from the list (i.e. in CC: or whatever).
   o subscription will initially be via a web-based form, which will send a
confirmation e-mail to the address supplied, and require a response from
the end user to the effect of "yes this is me and I want to be subscribed"
before adding them to the list. 
   o any further list interaction by the subscriber will be via _e-mail
only_ to subscribe/unsubscribe/temporary-disable-and-reenable themselves
to/from the list. No additional web-interface is required. 
   o the list itself will be text-only. no html.

Would all these options be configurable for a single vhosted client of a
hosting-provider's server? 

How much of this will the hosting provider have to configure for us, and 

How much of it will we have to/be able to configure ourselves once we've
been set up by the provider? 

Very interested in seeing discussion on this. This is my first foray into
list management as a website kinda guy, so I'm totally unaware of what to
expect and don't want to presume too much, so if my questions seem
excessive, I plead utter complete spastic ignorance. For the most part,
FAQ's rarely ever answer any of the questions *I* usually have, and I go
read them later (although I've already looked and confirmed that they do
not contain these answers, or else I misunderstood)

I run red hat/fedora core at home and since this is bundled with Mailman, I
figured you guys would be a good place to start my search for a list
manager since I can play with it at home to test things. 

I look forward to your replies and hope my search ends here. :) 

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