[Mailman-Users] Archive - HTML - Line Display

Jeffrey M. Johnson jjohnson at umn.edu
Wed Mar 3 19:17:24 CET 2004

We have a program which sends a transcript of a chat session to a mailing


If you view the archives of the chat list via the web something interesting
happens, or doesn't happen, to the test.  There are no wrapping of long
sentences and paragraphs.  For example


"Please note that you are entering a co-browsing chat service. All
information displayed on your browser will be in view of the librarian, and
vice versa. To ensure your privacy, we advise you not to browse to any web
pages that you do not want the librarian to see during this chat session."


Appears as a single line and you must scroll to the right to read it on the
screen.   Is there a setting that I can use to force the word wrap?



Thanks in advance 


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