SV: [Mailman-Users] Different machines?

Anders Norrbring anders at
Thu Mar 4 20:48:29 CET 2004

> * Anders Norrbring <anders at> [040304 11:32]:
> > Is it possible to "split" Mailman's functions across machines?  What I
> want
> > to accomplish is to run the web-part on the machine that runs only
> apache
> > and the mail part on the second machine which acts as the mail server
> for
> > our domain?
> Is this for performance reasons?
> What we did in my installation is to run mailman on a dedicated machine,
> which in turn hands off all the mail to a pair of servers running nothing
> but MTA's (postfix in my case). Very good performance.

It's both performance and security reasons...  Anyway, you write that your
mailman server hands off all the mail to another machine running postfix,
that's exactly what I want to achieve.

No mail processing whatsoever on the web server (with mailman) and all the
mail processing on the dedicated mail server.  So, kind of gating over all
the mail from mailman (box 1) to the mailserver (box 2).

How do I set it up?  I'm not very experienced with mailman, and I really
don't find any relevant info anywhere. It seems like all docs are written
for running mailman and the postfix service on the same box.


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