[Mailman-Users] Extra newline inserted into subject line

Dwight A. Ernest dwight at significant.com
Thu Mar 4 21:10:46 CET 2004

To quote from a manager of one of the mailing lists on a site I manage:

For some reason there has been a "feature"--stable through multiple
releases of Mailman--that is quite irritating.

Under some condition(s) message arrive with a newline character inserted
into the subject line.  It may be as simple as a line of greater than a
certain length.

An example:

The original message subject was fine, viz

Subject: [Mailman-Announce] Terri Oda's List Member Manual now available

When you forwarded it, it became

Subject: [UUA-List-owners] [Fwd: [Mailman-Announce] Terri Oda's List
Member\nManual now available]

(The \n shows the newline in a standard unix escapement.)

As far as I can determine, this does come from Mailman, as opposed to
being passed through or generated on my receipt.  It's a minor nit, but
if there's an easy fix, I'd sure appreciate it.

There are some message archive hits related to this, including one
hinting that the fix is simple. I searched the sources (2.1.4), though,
and I could not find the relevant bits where this is modifiable.

Any ideas?

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