[Mailman-Users] Carriage return and newline in member address?

Ben Durbin svie at speakeasy.net
Fri Mar 5 08:56:10 CET 2004

Somehow we ended up with a list member with an address like
bob at domain.com\r\n\r\nbob at domain.com and I'm having trouble removing the
user using the web admin tool or the command line tools.

Tried the following on the command line:

./remove_members listname bob at domain.com\r\n\r\nbob at domain.com
./remove_members listname 'bob at domain.com\r\n\r\nbob at domain.com'

Neither of the above worked.

Can anyone recommend a way of removing this user from the list? I'm
fairly new to mailman admin so I don't doubt I'm missing something

Thanks in advance for any help,

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