[Mailman-Users] Installation problem

Anders Wegge Jakobsen wegge at bakkelygaard.dk
Fri Mar 5 08:06:38 CET 2004

I have installed mailman 2.1.2 on a Fedora Core 1 system, and followed
the instructions i INSTALL.REDHAT.

 However, I seem to have a problem with the 'mailman' mailing
list. First, it appears as a public list, and second, I cannot access
the administrative web interface for this list. When trying to access
<http://localhost/mailman/admin/mailman>, the browser is redirected to
the list overview <http://localhost/mailman/listinfo>.

 Does anybody have an idea about what can be wrong and/or where to
look for error messages? I cnnot find anything in /var/log/mailman/*.

/Wegge <http://outside.bakkelygaard.dk/~wegge/>
echo mail: !#^."<>"|tr "<> mail:" dk at wegge

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