[Mailman-Users] Moved List Has Bad Archive Directories

Rob Caskey rcaskey at uga.edu
Fri Mar 5 15:35:19 CET 2004

The old lists used to reside in /home/mailman and the new ones live in 

I get daily messages from crond like:

List tech_committee has a bogus archive_directory: 
List uga_trombone_choir has a bogus archive_directory: 
List linux_class has a bogus archive_directory: 

...and so on

I open the list config in vi and I can see the archive directories. I 
dump them out to the editable file but the archive dirs dont show up as 
options to edit. I was going to try to just put in 
public_archive_file_dir = '/var/mailman/archives/public' by hand and 
see if that fixed things but I found that even if I do

/var/mailman/bin/config_list -o /tmp/jazz.cfg jazz
/var/mailman/bin/config_list -i /tmp/jazz.cfg jazz

it hangs while reimporting. Any suggestions? This is really getting my 
goat. It gets fixed by symlinking /home/mailman to /var/mailman but 
it's the principle of the thing!


PS: I want to stick with Yellowdog 3.0's stop version of mailman, so 
I'd rather not upgrade if I don't have too...

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