[Mailman-Users] member-only lists and non-member postings

Dean Karres karres at itg.uiuc.edu
Thu Mar 4 17:18:55 CET 2004


We have created a number of member-only, read-oly lists using MailMan.
As far as I can tell all of the lists are configured the same, but there
are many options on manu pages and I could be mistaken.

We have seen the following over the last two days.  All of the lists are
set to auto-discard mon-member postings while sending the list owner a
note saying what just happened.  This is working almost, but not quite,
100% of the time.

Two days ago we received several spam / virus loaded messages from
obviously fake non-members on a few of our mailing lists.  All were
stopped and discarded -- except two.  Those two messages were aimed at
out largest mailing list.

This list is also read-only and moderated.  The configuration shows that
it is supposed to discard non-member mail but I received mailman 
reminders that these two messages were pending modersation!  How'd that

How did it happen when other similar lists dicarded these notes

I sent non-member notes to the list and they were discarded.  I sent
non-member messages with the same MIME type "multipart/mixed" and they
were discarded.

Ok, the real question is, if I want to do side-by-side comparisons of
two or more list configurations, how is this done?  I have looked for
text config files but have not seen them.  I have found ".pck> files
called "config" but they are "data" or possibly database files.


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