[Mailman-Users] upgrade, problem with archives on vhost.

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Fri Mar 5 21:56:24 CET 2004

Hey.  I just upgraded my 2.0.x(3?) to 2.1.4, and after some struggle to get 
it all working again, everything is flying, *except*...

The lists that are on my 'native' domain are working great, but the ones on 
my alternate virtual hostnames aren't linking to the archives properly.

for instance,  on http://www.hogranch.com/mailman/listinfo/strawberry   the 
archive link goes to http://www.hogranch.com/mailman/private/strawberry/ as 
it should...

But, on http://troop604.org/mailman/listinfo/families  the archives link is

which is obviously wrong.   AH, it seems if I set the archives to PRIVATE, 
the link works (.../mailman/private/<listname>), but if its set to 'PUBLIC', 
it comes up wrong.

any clues? 

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