[Mailman-Users] URL / port problems..

Anders Norrbring anders at norrbring.biz
Sat Mar 6 18:31:05 CET 2004

I'm struggling with setting up mailman with a web server running on port 800
instead of 80, so of course I would like to have the correct URL showing up
everywhere..  But it doesn't in the e-mails from the system when f.x. a user
wants to join.

In mm_cfg.py I have these URL related settings:

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'the-server.net'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'www.the-server.net:800'
DEFAULT_URL = 'http://www.the-server.net:800/mailman/'

In the mails originating from the mailman system I get this URL:


As you can see, port 800 is omitted!

Anders Norrbring

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