[Mailman-Users] URL / port problems..

Richard Barrett r.barrett at ftel.co.uk
Sat Mar 6 19:57:56 CET 2004

On 6 Mar 2004, at 17:31, Anders Norrbring wrote:

> I'm struggling with setting up mailman with a web server running on 
> port 800

It probably isn't important but port 800 is listed in:


as being conventional for a different service to HTTP. 8080 and 8008 
are more conventionally used as alternative HTTP ports to port 80. The 
only reason I mention it is that if you are publishing on the internet 
you are more likely to encounter users having access problems with  
"unusua" outbound port numbers if they are behind very restrictively 
configured firewalls.

> instead of 80, so of course I would like to have the correct URL 
> showing up
> everywhere..  But it doesn't in the e-mails from the system when f.x. 
> a user
> wants to join.
> In mm_cfg.py I have these URL related settings:
> DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'the-server.net'
> DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'www.the-server.net:800'

This value for DEFAULT_URL_HOST is wrong, do not put the port number in 
this it is _just_ the hostname's FQDN that goes here.

> DEFAULT_URL = 'http://www.the-server.net:800/mailman/'

The DEFAULT_URL is OK but the following FAQ entry may explain some 
other things you need to do:


> In the mails originating from the mailman system I get this URL:
> http://www.the-server.net/mailman/confirm/list/6546546sdf6s5a4f
> As you can see, port 800 is omitted!
> Anders Norrbring
Richard Barrett                               http://www.openinfo.co.uk

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