[Mailman-Users] problems with the mail hostname

Rabinowitz, Ari (Exchange) AriMR at bear.com
Sun Mar 7 02:42:17 CET 2004

> From: Guillaume Rousse Saturday, March 06, 2004 10:20 AM

> I'm having troubles with the name used by mailman for sending 
> mails: it 
> keeps using the real hostname, whereas it is configured for 
> using an alias.

> All list configuration says also host_name is lists.zarb.org, 
> all URLs 
> are OK, but it keep sending mails as @katu3.zarb.org, instead of 
> @lists.zarb.org. What is wrong there ?
What is wrong is that you have defined lists.zarb.org as a CNAME 
pointing to katu3.zarb.org.  RFC 821, the original definition of 
SMTP said that ALL Email should come from the canonical name of 
the server, so older versions of sendmail and postfix, and possibly 
other MTA's automatically change the From address to show the actual
hostname of the sender rather than the CNAME alias which you want.

The only way to be sure that this will work is to remove the CNAME 
record for lists.zarb.org and put in an A record in DNS.

Hope this helps,

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