[Mailman-Users] problems with the mail hostname

Brendan Chard chardlist at chard.net
Sun Mar 7 16:01:01 CET 2004

I also had this problem and in trying a bunch of solutions, including double
checking my entries, and recreating the list.  But I also created a MX
record for the sub domain of lower priority than the primary domain and an
entry for the sub-domain in my /etc/hosts file.  Then, a few hours later,
like magic, everything started working.

Is an MX record for the sub-domain mailmain wants to use also required or
was this just a fluke?


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On Sat, 2004-03-06 at 10:20, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> I'm having troubles with the name used by mailman for sending mails: it 
> keeps using the real hostname, whereas it is configured for using an
> I have this setting in mm_cfg.py:
> DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST  = 'lists.zarb.org'
> DEFAULT_URL_HOST    = 'lists.zarb.org'
> All list configuration says also host_name is lists.zarb.org, all URLs 
> are OK, but it keep sending mails as @katu3.zarb.org, instead of 
> @lists.zarb.org. What is wrong there ?

This is also in the FAQ, you may have created the list before completing
your setup... in fact, you may have completed your setup as a result of
troubleshooting the first couple of lists that you created.

Once a list is created it is standalone and incorporates  most of the
current defaults as individual values within the list's configuration
files. Unfortunately Barry has hidden this particular attribute and no
longer displays it in the WebAdmin. You will have to manually modify
those defaults by using the commandline Mailman tool "withlist".

You will find examples for howto use Withlist inside the application,
you will also find examples in the FAQ.

Barry: could we make this a *Displayed* value for a list - even if you
do not want to make it a editable value in the 2.1.x series. Perhaps we
could make the Web-admin list creation have two boxes to define a lists
 - a box for the list_name
 - a drop down box that makes folks choose their "virtual domain". Or if
only one domain is available, then just show the current domain it will

Jon Carnes

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