[Mailman-Users] Feature request for spam block list in Mailman

Garey Mills gmills at library.berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 8 20:12:18 CET 2004

Hi -

	I'm using 2.1b2 and I have a problem with the list of spam
addresses. If an address is entered into the 'List of Non-members whose
postings will be automatically discarded', and that address contains
korean characters or other wierdnesses, the list ceases to function and
everything gets through.

	If I go to the web interface and enter a bad address into the
list, I am informed immediately that there is a problem. But if the
address is entered from the moderation interface (by checking the 'Add
this address to a list of people whose email you discard') it just goes
into the list.

	This wouldn't be a problem, except that I manage a number of lists
that are moderated by non-technical folk.

	Has this been addressed in later versions?

Garey Mills
Library Systems Office
UC Berkeley

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