[Mailman-Users] problem accessing mailman web pages after switching server

Thomas Waters rxweb+ at pitt.edu
Mon Mar 8 22:20:17 CET 2004

We set up Mailman  on Panther Server 10.3.3.  It had an IP and hostname 
for our dev server.  Once everything was configured, etc, I switched 
the IP and name to be our mail server.  Mailman is working in terms of 
sending out mail to the various lists, but I can not access the web 
pages to admin any of the lists!  Attempt to hit 
www.mysite.edu/mailman/admin opens the page, but says there are no 
public advertised lists.  I can get to any admin config page with  
www.mysite.edu/mailman/admin/somelist/  but clicking ANY link on the 
page, attempts to send me to the old dev URL.  Maybe this is just a 
Safari cache problem- but with IE, I get a "connection error occurred."

Maybe part of the issue, is the host name list prefers in the general 
config.  hostname of box is rxweb.pharmacy.pitt.edu.  The MX record 
reads that anyuser at pharmacy.pitt.edu is directed to 
rxweb.pharmacy.pitt.edu.   so what belongs on the mailman general 
options config- pharmacy.pitt.edu or rxweb.pharmacy.pitt.edu?

so, I guess there are 3 issues- correct listing on the general options 
page- which should it be, and why the web pages can't be accessed
, and why does it say lists are not publicly advertised.

Thomas Waters
Director of Information and Communication Services
University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy
rxweb at pitt.edu

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