[Mailman-Users] Re: Message discarded...why?

David david at gof.se
Tue Mar 9 15:28:30 CET 2004

Hi again,

The problem is nailed down, but not solved. Messages sent from mail.com and
hotmail.com in HTML are auto discarded. If they send their e-mails as plain
text they reach the list.

I do have content filtering turned on with the following settings:
Remove message attachments that don't match.

Convert html to plain text: YES

I guess I have to add some content types to let hotmail and mail.com through
Can someone please tell me what to add to solve this problem.

 Blue Skies,

tis 2004-03-09 klockan 03.35 skrev Jon Carnes:
>> You should be able to look in your MTA logs and see the message from:
>> 20040308131542.18A8F2AB26 at ws1-7.us4.outblaze.com
>> And tell what address she was actually using.  Check to see if this
>> address is subscribed to the list and if it is set to moderate.
>Been there, done that. The address is subscribed just normal.
>> You can also have her cc you directly on her next list posting.  That
>> should let you check on her address as well as any header abnormalities
>> that may accompany her email posts.
>I signed up for my own mail.com account. Subscribed and sent a message
>to the list. No problem at all with delivery.
>Her messages are still discarded to the list. Really strange
 >Blue Skies,

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