[Mailman-Users] Recreating lists (WAS: changing ISP servers)

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Tue Mar 9 20:37:10 CET 2004

Pastor Augie wrote:
>  I have several mailman lists setup.  Because of technical difficulties
>  with our ISP's physical server, I am being required to migrate our
>  entire website, including lists, to a new server (new IP and new
>  name).  My ISP contact tells me that when the mailman lists are moved
>  to the new server they will need to be RECREATED FROM SCRATCH!!

      I recently had reason to find out how well Mailman is constructed, 
and how easy it is to restore it.  My server was hacked (old software, 
shame on me) and I managed to back up my Mailman files before the plug was 
pulled.  I decided to upgrade Mailman while I was doing it.  The old one 
was 2.1.2 - the new installation is 2.1.4.  After getting it in stalled and 
adding only the Mailman list, I copied in <prefix>mailman/lists/ and 
<prefix>/mailman/archives, restored my aliases, and all my lists worked.

      I realize that moving to a new server would be a bit more involved, 
but I was very impressed with how little I had to do to get things restored.

<>< Paul

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