[Mailman-Users] broadcast emailings using mailman 2.1.3

Webb webb at selftest.net
Thu Mar 11 08:20:16 CET 2004

Hey folks,

My webhosting service includes two mailman lists with the service, and I'm
trying to figure out if mailman is a reasonable way to do broadcast (push
only) emailings of event announcements and the like. I do not want to set up
a discussion group, but only want a way to send out a few hundred emails
without my DSL provider's SMTP server rejecting more than 50 addressees at a
time for a single outgoing message. Is mailman (2.1.3) an appropriate client
for this sort of activity, and if so, what settings will achieve the push
only result? (The exception is that it would be required for people to be
able to opt out, but NOT by replying to the list address.) If mailman is not
good for that application, do you have a recommendation of something
relatively easy, and well adapted to the file types generated by MS
Outlook's Contact lists? I'm aware of software that creates a virtual SMTP
server to manage broadcast emails-is that a better solution, and if so, what
software do you recommend?

Thanks for any help-I'm a 100% beginner.

Webb Mealy




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