[Mailman-Users] Public dir symlink wrong with new source

Mick Laver mlaver at ucsd.edu
Tue Mar 16 00:10:10 CET 2004

I've been running mailman 2.0.x for several years on RedHat systems. 
My first installation was from source so everything went into 
/usr/local/mailman. For security and maintenance issues I've decided 
to stay in step with Red Hat Network RPM updates, which requires that 
I move the mailman install to /var/mailman. I moved the hierachy to 
/var/mailman, created the symlink /usr/local/mailman -> /var/mailman, 
and everything's been fine. Last week I installed the Redhat mailman 
RPM (2.0.13 - this is on an Enterprise 2.1 system) and the updated 
source was properly installed. Now I should be able to delete the 
symlink kludge because everything's pointing to the /var/mailman 
root, right? Well, right for everything except the archives. All the 
public-private symlinks for the pre-RPM point to 
/usr/local/mailman/archives/private/oldlistname, and all the post-RPM 
symlinks point (correctly) to 
/var/mailman/archives/private/newlistname. If I switch an old list 
from public to private to public, the new symlink is still pointing 
to the old /usr/local/mailman/archives hierarchy.

I've verified the paths in Defaults.py are set to /var/mailman and 
that this file is being read correctly, but for the life of me I 
can't figure out where a list keeps its sense of where its archives 
should live. Can anyone set me in the right direction? Thanks.

Mick Laver
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