[Mailman-Users] Performance limitations inquiry

chardlist at chard.net chardlist at chard.net
Wed Mar 17 03:01:05 CET 2004

I run mailman 2.1.4 on FreeBSD unix with sendmail.  I'm running it on a
co-located server in a verio datacenter, so it's internet connection is fast. 
My question is, how can I expect the server to perform if the primary function
of this server is to just run mailman?  I expect to have upwards of 60 lists on
it with approximatly 300-500 posts a day among all lists.  List sizes will
range from 100 to 5000 members.  There will be some announce only lists that
have 20,000 members or so.

The machine is a P4 2.4Ghz with 1GIG of ram.

What I'm trying to pin down is whether or not having lists of this size and
level of posting will choke up the server and necessitate upgrades.  Is my
machine overkill or do I have something to be concerned with?  Any information
from mailman users out there, including some stats on how many lists you may
run on a particular machine and its success would be helpful.


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