[Mailman-Users] Virus sent to lists "from" my domain - add passwordfor mods

Arthur Gibbs arthur at abible.com
Wed Mar 17 07:45:06 CET 2004

"we use virus scanners to solve this..."

So do we. We had a virus scanner before mailman that took out the virus and
only left a warning message. But it still went through to the list.
Thousands got this 'virus' message from the list. Dozens thought it was a
virus, which it wasn't be, and e-mailed me for help. Dozens more thought I
knew for sure that they had a virus and that is why they got the message,
again not true, but I got a bunch more e-mail. And then everyone was just
annoyed as this dumb message wasn't apart of lists function.
I suppose I could ask my web host to have viruses not just stripped but just

But still this message was forged. What if the next virus doesn't always
send out copies of itself but just sends spam stuff to forged addresses.
That message would go through too.

We the ability to have a password included in moderated mail be that hard to
of a feature to add? Seems like it might be easier than digital signs.? It
could be viewed as the season pass ticket that a moderator gives a member,
or himself. All messages with that line at the top AND from an approved
member would go through.

I just know after two 'virus' messages I had enough extra work claim down
the restless masses, that I decided to use emergency moderation. But that is
a bunch of extra work for the moderators.

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